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Dave in Paris

Updated: Jun 27, 2018

Elijah Bone stories..

Just been to Paris for a few days...£29 Eurostar ...loved it so much going to try and talk the rest of the boys into doing our next vid there.....we'd have a ball...

Christie Hynde lives in do a lot of arty ..pop star types....and who can blame them.......I think I will one day and get a dog and call him Pierre and have an apartment on Boulevard Beaumarchais....and drink really small cups of that ridiculously strong coffee they drink and smoke cigarettes....everyone smokes in Paris y'know's the norm......I would dress like a Frenchman ...not all stuffy and self conscious like an Englishman ...I would wear a big scarf and a hat and bright green trousers and would definitely sing some of the EB songs in French ,Andy and Tris would have a residency on the rue des Marty's and discus politics and art into the late Paris evening with our Parisienne friends after we had wowed them with a little acoustic set.......a girl ...probably tall and dressed in baggy blue dress would start to sing with us one night and we all three would fall madly in love with her..her name would be Monique and she would smoke incessantly and have an attitude and she and I would grace the cover of EB's third and seminal album..titled " Ou est Monique " ...Bono and sting would want to duet with us ...David and Monique ...( I would ditch being called Dave as who wants to be called Dave in Paris "

Tris would hold court and quickly learn the history of Paris and would regale all and sundry with his wit and knowledge ..Andy would discover a talent he never knew he had ..and would not be seen in public without his beloved accordion ...and I dear reader would sit outside this glorious bar with my dog Pierre and my octogenarian new best friend Serge ...and he would remind me with a gentle smile that it was after one of these very nights spent with him that I staggered home and awoke in the morning and wrote one of the worlds most popular songs...and we will laugh and say " au Revoir " and do it all again the very next day


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