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Exclusive Sloth UK remixes

PLEASE GO TO MUSIC PAGE TO HEAR THEM NOW Pete ,sloth uk or just plain hursty...Pete Hurst re mixer extraordinaire has at last had the chance to work his magic on EB track Dark Clouds...he's worked with a lot of the great names in dance music including Madonna and Ministry of sound ....he comes from New Brighton same as me....He always seemed to be coming into studios as I was coming out of them at unfeasibly late hours...always dressed in regulation dark winter overcoat.. big boots and a fag hanging out of his mouth...he was as they say " quite a character "......he was supposed to be joining a band that I was in but didn't show and later learnt he'd " gone to London " ...we'd become great friends by then and I would often see that overcoat shape outside my flat door..also at unfeasibly late hours....I started to develop the big dark rings that Pete has always had and wore them as a sort of badge of honour......we've worked on quite a few tracks together over the years...but this is a sort " fucking hell " moment for us both.....and it's a real privilege and honour for me to be able to say " ladies and gentlemen ..please put your hands together for Dark Clouds re mix by Mr Pete hurst ..I thank you " Dave

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