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All About Eve

Great day yesterday at Eve Studios in Manchester......Had a good laugh with Martin the owner outside in the courtyard of the studio ...he's almost as nuts as me....really couldn't have been made more welcome ....then into the mastering suite to meet evil genius and mastering engineer Jim who was equally as welcoming and talked us through some of the truly incredible gear they have at Eve....its not only that it looks completely amazing and almost other- worldly ..its what it has done for the EB sound that is so impressive....I'm no engineer and hardly know my decibel from my hertz but to me it's created a wonderful warm sound that you feel part of..its not just brought the songs to life ..its given them a life of their own...its like they've left mum and dad ( me and andy ) and are blinking young and free into the hot June sun......we were a bit worried about them as all parents are but hey..,relax..the kids are gonna be ok.....we were only there a couple of hours but it really is a place that once you're there sitting all cosy in the control room you really don't want to leave.. and while Andy and Jim talked technical ..I visualised myself here for a couple of weeks ( they have residential facilities ) .....recording...mixing...having the odd ice cold pint...eating owner martins famous vegan burgers..sitting in the courtyard..stroking the studio cat...and well having a nice time ..its that sort of place....

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