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Life of drugs, drink & rock 'n' roll

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

Elijah Bone Stories....

I've always been stressed dad is too so it must be in the genes.....I thought I ought to mention that as I know a lot of people out there suffer with depression and anxiety ..I think I'm one of 'em and although I ostensibly have nothing to worry or be anxious about ..I can always find something.......maybe if we start to put some of the lyrics for the songs you will see where I'm coming from...I'm just being honest and I think it's a subject that a lot of people avoid confronting or talking about including me...there have been days when I have thought" this is too fucking much..I can't live like this " every sinew in my body tense from morning until night...but I guess that's where the drugs and drink came in.....

so I'll tell you about my time with legendary hard rock outfit The Dick Smith Band in a blog coming your way soon..

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